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Molenveld 5
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The Netherlands


The MAC (Major Airport Crashtender) CT012 is our most robust ARFF Truck. It is spacious, offering a perfect work environment for up to seven crewmembers. It is safe and clean for ease of use, and the MAC CT012 is maintenance friendly. The MAC CT012 is build onto a 4X4, 6X6 and even an 8X8 type chassis, designed to handle and manoeuvre perfectly on all terrain.

Both the body of the vehicle and the cabin are entirely made out of composite, as can be expected of all Kronenburg vehicles. The composite material not only endures corrosion, but is also maintenance free. It weighs less than any other frequently used material and that means the MAC CT012 can easily reach its destination under any circumstances due to its speed and manoeuvrability. With room for seven crewmembers, the MAC CT012 still contains more than enough space for various types of equipment and sub-systems needed for any task in extreme environments.