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Kronenburg presents: the CT009, our most powerful crashtender.

The Kronenburg CT009 is designed with an unique 1400 HP, EURO 5 twin engine power pack, sufficient to propel the 48 ton vehicle from 0 to 80 km/h, within 25 seconds. This crashtender contains 12.000 litres water and 1440 litres of foam for operational purposes. But what makes this vehicle unique is the additional 6.000 litres of water ánd 360 litres of (training) foam, solely for training purposes. This will keep the vehicle operational directly after training exercises, without having to be replenished (and will continuously meet ICAO standards) . You can work with an operational vehicle that guarantees the safety of your airport, even when in training! This means you will need less fire fighting vehicles which will save you additional costs.

The Kronenburg CT009 is equipped with electrical swing-out doors, external quick start-buttons (AQSB) and an ease of use dashboard. It also contains a 8.000 litres pump, and a monitor platform with easy access from the cabin. The vehicle is 3.70 metres high (transport mode) and the 6.000 litres roof turret extends 400 millimetres when it switches to operational mode. It carries two-times 90 meters swing out hose reels, 250KG dry powder which can be use with a 30 meters hose reel or though the main turret (hydro-chem).