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Molenveld 5
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The Netherlands


The highest quality standards, product reliability and the ease of use of our products: those are the three most important pillars within Kronenburg's corporate strategy and to achieve this we collaborate with a few selected partners to ensure that you will obtain the best service, maintenance and firefighting equipment. You can recognize a Kronenburg vehicle on its detailed finish with the best materials there are, such as composites, stainless steel and powder coated steel. Furthermore, a bronze Kronenburg-pump is fitted on all our vehicles which underlines a reliable product with a long life span, up to 40 years!

The water and foam tanks are completely integrated in the bodywork of our vehicles, because of our innovative composite material which we perfected throughout the years. This also enables us to create any form or size water and foam tank. This technology is supplemented with the strategic placement of the tanks. Because of this, the weight distribution of all our vehicles is optimized which in turn delivers perfect handling capabilities.

Our firefighting vehicles are created with the use of a sandwich-structured, composite monocoque approach which is the result of an in house production, and which is also subjected to years of innovatory research. The material is shock absorbent, fire repellent, and any damage it may sustain in hazardous situations can be easily and swiftly repaired. Next to these specific properties, the sandwich-structured composite is up to 30% lighter than other frequently used materials and it's 100% corrosion free, which makes it maintenance friendly as well.

All of our vehicles are designed, produced, tested and refurbished in our own ISO9001:2015 & 14001:2015 certified production facility in Wanroij, The Netherlands. By combining our innovative production techniques with the versatility of the composite as a material, we can design and re-design our firefighting equipment to suit your every need.

In case you would like to read our environmental and quality policy please don’t hesitate to contact us.