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Truck Refurbishment

Sustainability is one of our key focus areas. Therefore Kronenburg perfected its refurbishment program. We give your Kronenburg truck a second, or even a third life for approximately 40% to 60% of the total costs of a new vehicle. Our refurbished trucks -which have successfully been deployed by numerous air forces and public airports worldwide- will be fully overhauled. The chassis, engine, gearbox, pumps and body work, axels and breaks, as well as the electrical package, subsystems and equipment; all is given a new life which will meet today's highest quality and safety demands.

We rebuild and upgrade a wide range of firefighting vehicles within our own facility and we will make sure your Kronenburg-experience will last you another fifteen years, as the composite bodywork will easily endure. This is why we keep and maintain all technical details and original parts of your vehicle, so our capable technicians are fully equipped to guarantee you the best refurbishment. An investment in a Kronenburg vehicle means an investment for more than 40 years with the best service and a reliable firefighting partner.